The embodied man project

samlewis Uncategorized April 24, 2017


After putting myself out on the social media 4 month ago and labelling my self the innerpreneur I have come to realise I have lots of knowledge yet I do NOT embody much of what I know.
The Embodied Man Project is my chance to become authentically aligned to my vision and step into my greatest self.
Watch this space over the next 6 months!!!

You can join me during this journey, download now the Embodied man tracker and step into your greatest self.




samlewis Uncategorized February 1, 2017

Hello! I’m Sam Lewis, and I am an Innerpreneur.

An Innerpreneur you ask? Yes! I am an Entrepreneur with a soulful twist. My work as an Innerpreneur allows me to take others deep within to achieve the only outcome that we seek. Pure joy!

My journey started off growing up in Sydney, Australia, in an upper middle class suburb. My mother was as (still is!) a yoga teacher and energy healer and my father was a part-time computer programmer and full time truth seeker. I was brought up vegetarian and was never immunised. It is fair to say that I did not fit the mould of an average upper middle class suburban boy.

School was, let’s say, frustrating for me. I could never understand why I needed to conform to standard ways of learning or thinking. This lead to me leave school at an early age to pursue an entrepreneurial pathway. I started off washing cars and doing basically whatever I could for cash until I found my first real calling as a door-to-door salesperson. After working in sales for around 3 years I opened my own Sales and Marketing company which I expanded successfully throughout Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. I have also had businesses in the fitness industry and enjoyed success as a boxing promoter. Not bad for a school drop-out!